Ech oi, Tang Ech 20/11.

Anh biet Ech se chang bao gio gap to dau, Trong Ech hom qua rat hanh phuc va vui ve.

Anh cung muon moi em di choi, duoc tang em nhung ma khong the. anh chi co the tang em voi loi chuc chan thanh nhat.

Chuc EchCon mai mai Hanh phuc va vui ve.


Sang day,

7j 30 di lam.

Doc Blog cua EchCon ma tu dung cam thay buon, mot noi buon man mac kho ta.

To Never: Cam on ban da dong vien to nhieu lam. Chuc ban hanh phuc va thanh cong. Ban se tim duoc nguoi ma ban thay tuyet voi nhat. (To la con nguoi manh me lam).

Bay gio van buon.

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2 Responses to “Ech oi, Tang Ech 20/11.”

  1. Ech Says:

    Cam on anh ve loi chuc nhe’! Hom nay em moi doc duoc. (^_^)Sao doc Blog cua em anh lai buon a? Hay la anh k thich? Hay la em viet cho nao` chua dung a?

  2. manhvt Says:

    Em Viet cho nao cung dung ca. nhung ma … van cam thay buon. Dinh comment vao Blog cua em nhung ma lai thoi. vi anh chua dung blog cua yahoo. hic hic.

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